AAVP 2015 Annual Meeting Information

The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists
60th Annual Meeting
Held jointly with the Livestock Insect Workers Conference (LIWC) and
The International Symposium on Ectoparasites of Pets (ISEP)
July 11-14, 2015
Revere Hotel Boston Common, Boston, MA, USA
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Revere Hotel Boston Common

Revere Hotel Boston Common

Revere Hotel Rooftop Garden

Revere Hotel Rooftop Garden

Boston Common

Boston Common

2015 Annual Meeting Information and Downloads:

Annual Meeting Room Reservations:

Accommodation at the Revere Hotel at the AAVP/LIWC/ISEP's conference rate ($235.00/night plus 14.45% taxes) can be booked by clicking here. Please make your room reservations by 18 June 2015. After that date the room block will be released and the special conference reduced rate will expire.

More information will be posted in the near future!

AAVP 2014-2015 Officers, Committee Chairs and Members

President Andrew S. Peregrine

Andrew S. Peregrine

President-Elect/Program Chair Ray Kaplan

President-Elect/Program Chair
Ray Kaplan

Secretary/Treasurer Doug Carithers

Doug Carithers

Vice President Tim Geary

Vice President
Tim Geary

Immediate Past President Dwight Bowman

Immediate Past President
Dwight Bowman

Elected Committees

Tom Craig, Chair tcraig@cvm.tamu.edu (2015), Ray Kaplan (2015), Kevin Kazacos (2016), Tim Geary (2016), Mason Reichard (2017), Ann Donohue (2017).

Appointed Committees

Tom Nolan, Chair parasit@vet.upenn.edu (2015), Raf Roncalli (2015), Miguel Suderman (2016).

Awards Committee:
Tom McTier, Chair tom.mctier@zoetis.com (2016), William Ryan (2015), David Lindsay (2015), Susan E. Little (2016), Dante Zarlenga (2017).

Constitution and Bylaws Committee:
Tom Kennedy, Chair tjameskennedy@gmail.com (2016), Craig Reinemeyer (2015), Adrian Wolstenholme (2017), Alexa Rosypal (2018).

Education Committee:
Tammi Krecek, Chair tkrecek@cvm.tamu.edu (2016), Andrea Varela-Stokes (2015), Tom Nolan (2015), Karen Snowden (2015), Roberto Cortinas (2016), Anne Zajac (2017), Antoinette March (2017), Andy Moorehead (2017).

Finance Committee:
Andrew Moorhead, Chair amoorhed@uga.edu (2017), Jim Miller (2015), Bob Storey (2016).

Raf Roncalli, Chair r.roncalli@gmail.com (2015), Alan Marchiondo (2015), Tom Nolan (2016).

Newsletter/Editorial Board:
Jenifer Edmonds, Editor, Chair jedmonds@johnsonresearchllc.com (2015), Barbara Shock (2015), Theresa Hartwell (2015), Scott Bowdridge (2015), Frank Hurtig (2016), Tom Kennedy (2017), Michael Dryden (2017).

Program Committee:
Ray Kaplan, Chair rkaplan@uga.edu (2016), Andrew Peregrine (2015), Tim Geary (2017), Al Marchiondo (2017), Doug Carithers (2017), Javier Garza (2015), Meriam Saleh (2016).

Publications/Internet Committee:
Tariq Qureshi, Chair tariq.qureshi@merck.com (2015), Richard Endris (2014), Kelly Allen (2014), Chris
Adolph (2014), Miguel Suderman (2015).

Outreach/Research Committee:
Lora Ballweber, Chair lora.ballweber@colostate.edu (2015), Ray Kaplan (2015), Sheila Mitchell (2015),
Frederic Beugnet (2016).

Student Representatives

Javier Garza LSU jgarza7@tigers.lsu.edu (2015)

Javier Garza

Meriam Saleh Virginia Tech msaleh1@vt.edu (2016)

Meriam Saleh
Virginia Tech

2013-2014 Executive Committee

Drs. Dwight Bowman (President), Bob Arther (Secretary/Treasurer), Alan Marchiondo (Immediate Past-President) and Andrew Peregrine (President Elect and 2014 Program Chair). Not pictured, Dr. Ray Kaplan (Vice President).

Drs. Dwight Bowman (President), Bob Arther (Secretary/Treasurer), Alan Marchiondo (Immediate Past-President) and Andrew Peregrine (President Elect and 2014 Program Chair). Not pictured, Dr. Ray Kaplan (Vice President).

Antiparasitic Resistance Update

FDA/CVM recently launched a Web page on antiparasitic resistance and Antiparasitic Resistance Management Strategy, or ARMS. The page (click here) includes a link to an overview of the public meeting that the FDA held in March 2012 on antiparasitic resistance as well as a link to the new online brochure for veterinarians on antiparasitic resistance in cattle and small ruminants.

Hardcopies of the brochure will be available at the AVMA and AAVP conventions in July.