2016 AAVP Annual Meeting

The 2016 annual meeting of the AAVP will run from August 5th through the 9th at the Westin Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, TX. Plan now for an educational and collegial event at an exciting and affordable venue. More details to follow soon for registration.

AAVP 2015-2016 Officers, Committee Chairs and Members

President Ray Kaplan

Ray Kaplan

President Elect Tim Geary

President Elect
Tim Geary

Secretary/Treasurer Doug Carithers

Doug Carithers

Vice-President Dan Zarlenga

Dan Zarlenga

Immediate Past President Andrew S. Peregrine

Immediate Past President
Andrew S. Peregrine

Appointed Committees

Archives Committee:

  • Tom Nolan, Chair (2015)
  • Raf Roncalli (2015)
  • Miguel Suderman (2016)

Awards Committee:

  • Tom McTier, Chair (2016)
  • William Ryan (2015)
  • David Lindsay (2015)
  • Susan E. Little (2016)
  • Dante Zarlenga (2017)
  • Alice Lee (2018)
  • Raj Gaji (2018)
  • Gui Verocai (2018)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee:

  • Tom Kennedy, Chair (2016)
  • Adrian Wolstenholme (2017)
  • Alexa Rosypal (2018)

Education Committee:

  • Tom Nolan, Chair (2017)
  • Andrea Varela-Stokes (2015)
  • Karen Snowden (2015)
  • Roberto Cortinas (2016)
  • Anne Zajac (2017)
  • Antoinette Marsh (2017)
  • Andy Moorhead (2017)
  • Araceli Lucio-Forster (2018)
  • Javier Garza (2018)
  • Michael Kent (2018)
  • Lora Ballweber (2018)
  • Ashley McGrew (2018)
  • Joyce Login (2018)
  • Heather Walden (2018)
  • Brian Herrin (2018)

Finance Committee:

  • Andrew Moorhead, Chair (2017)
  • Jim Miller (2015)
  • Bob Storey (2016)
  • Ashley McGrew (2018)
  • Pete Hann (2018)

Historian/History Committee:

  • Alan Marchiondo Chair (2015)
  • Raf Roncalli (2015)
  • Tom Nolan (2016)
  • Sue Howell (2018)
  • Ashley McGrew (2018)

Newsletter/Editorial Board:

  • Frank Hurtig, Chair (2018)
  • Tom Kennedy (2017)
  • Michael Dryden (2017)
  • Lindsay Porter (2018)
  • Brian Herrin (2018)
  • Pablo Jimenez (2018)
  • Miguel Suderman (2018)
  • Kate Purple (2018)

Publications/Internet Committee:

  • Tariq Qureshi, Chair (2016)
  • Miguel Suderman (2015)
  • Meriam Saleh (2017)
  • Alice Houk-Miles (2018)
  • Ann Donoghue (2018)
  • Lauren Lewis (2018)

Outreach/Research Committee:

  • Andy DeRosa, Chair (2018)
  • Sheila Mitchell (2015)
  • Frederic Beugnet (2016)
  • Lora Ballweber (2015)
  • Miguel Suderman (2018)
  • Carly Barone (2018)
  • Chanel Schwartzentruber (2018)
  • Cassan Pulaski (2018)

Student Representatives

Meriam Saleh

Meriam Saleh

Jesica Jacobs

Jesica Jacobs

Dr. William Campbell Wins Nobel Prize!


Dr. William (Bill) Campbell is one of three scientists sharing this year’s Nobel Prize for medicine. Dr. Campbell (PhD Wisconsin) is sharing half of the award with Japan’s Satoshi Omura, for the discovery of avermectin which affects nematodes, and China’s Youyou Tu received the other half of the award for her discovery of artemisinin, which is highly effective against the malaria parasite.

Dr. Campbell was born in Ireland, graduated from Trinity College (Dublin), before moving to the United States where he completed his PhD at the University of Wisconsin. He then went to work with the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, where he began his collaboration with Dr. Omura.

Omura was studying a group of soil bacteria called Streptomycetes, and he selected about 50 isolates that showed promise. From this group of isolates, Dr. Campbell discovered that a specific bacterium, Streptomyces avermitilis, produced avermectin, a potent anthelmintic. The avermectin was refined into ivermectin, and this drug revolutionized parasitic control in animals and in control of human filarial parasites.

In addition to being a long-time American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists member, Dr. Campbell, was also recognized with the AAVP-Merial Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award in 1990, and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2002. Currently, Dr. Campbell is a research fellow emeritus at Drew University.

AAVP Annual Meeting Covered in JAVMA

Event: American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists meeting, July 11-14, Boston, MA.

Dr. Michael Dryden

Dr. Michael

Anne Barrett


Alice Lee


Awards: AAVP-Merial Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award: Dr. Michael W. Dryden, Manhattan, Kansas, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of veterinary parasitology. Dr. Dryden received his veterinary degree from Kansas State University in 1984 and his doctorate in veterinary parasitology from Purdue University in 1990. He is a professor of veterinary parasitology in the Department of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Dryden’s research focuses on flea and tick biology and control, investigating urban wildlife as vectors of parasitic diseases, and diagnosis and control of gastrointestinal parasites. He is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Microbiology. AAVP-Merck Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Anne Barrett, Oklahoma State University, for her work on novel spotted fever group Rickettsia species in ticks, dogs, and people. AAVP-Companion Animal Parasite Council Graduate Student Award in Zoonotic Disease: Alice Lee, Cornell University, for her work on larval trapping in mice infected with Toxocara canis and the results of concomitant pre-existing infections with Toxoplasma gondii. Best student oral presentation, sponsored by Bayer Animal Health: First place ($500) Chanel Schwartzeentruber, University of Guelph. Second place ($300) Meliissa Miller, University of Georgia. Honorable mention Jeessica Scare, University of Kentucky; Emily McDermott, University of California-Riverside; Amy Murillo, University of California-Riverside; and Alice Houk, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Best student poster competition, sponsored by Elanco: First place ($500) Elizabeth Shepherd, West Virginia University. Second place ($300) Dr. Yoko Nagamori, Oklahoma State Universsity. Honorable mention Mary Maclean, University of Georrgia; Carly Barone, University of Rhode Island; Lindsay Porter, Texas A&M University; and Victoria Demello, University of Georgia. Young investigator travel grants were awarded to 36 students to enable them to attend the meeting and present their abstracts as part of the scientific program.

AAVP officials: Front row Alan Marchiondo, PhD; Javier Garzza; and Meriam Saleh. Back row Timothy G. Geary, PhD; Dante S. Zarlenga, PhD; Dr. Ray M. Kaplan; Dr. Andrew S. Peregrine; and Dr. Doug Carithers.

AAVP officials: Front row Alan Marchiondo, PhD; Javier Garzza; and Meriam Saleh. Back row Timothy G. Geary, PhD; Dante S. Zarlenga, PhD; Dr. Ray M. Kaplan; Dr. Andrew S. Peregrine; and Dr. Doug Carithers.

Officials: Dr. Ray M. Kaplan, Athens, Georgia, president; Timothy G. Geary, PhD, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, president-elect and program chair; Dante S. Zarlenga, PhD, Beltsville, Maryland, vice president; Dr. Doug Carithers, Duluth, Georgia, secretary-treasurer; Dr. Andrew S. Peregrine, Guelph, Ontario, immediate past president; Alan Marchiondo, PhD, Santa Fe, New Mexico, program administrator; and graduate student representatives Meriam Saleh, Blacksburg, Virginia, and JJavier Garza, Morgantown, West Virginia.

Contact: Dr. Doug Carithers, Secretary-Treasurer, American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists, 3239 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096; phone, 770-331-6069; E-mail, doug.carithers@merial.com.