AAVP History


This information is provided on behalf of the 2016 AAVP History Committee (Al Marchiondo, Chair; Tom Nolan, Sue Howell, Ashley McGrew, and Raf Roncalli) to post and provide a repository of historical annual meeting presentations and other historical AAVP documents. Powerpoint presentations of some posted abstracts and additional information posted in this section are visible only to logged in AAVP members. Please send presentations, slide decks and photographs for posting to the committee chair.

You're Invited!

The History Committee invites AAVP members to publish short articles and/or power-point presentations on the history of Veterinary Parasitology on the AAVP History page. These will not be peer-reviewed, but will need to be approved by the History Committee.


  1. Power point presentations:

    If you have a power point presentation that you have given at a meeting (AAVP or elsewhere) you can easily adapt it for publication on the AAVP History pages as follows. Go to the Notes view of your power point presentation and for each slide add something to the notes section to explain what is being shown. Generally this would be what you told the audience at the original presentation, but if the slide is self-explanatory, you can leave the notes section blank. You can also use the notes section to give your sources or references for that particular slide. The first slide in your presentation should give the title, your name and affiliation. The presentation will be published as a .PDF, so print it out to your PDF printer/publisher and email it to the Chairperson of the History committee with your request that it be published on the AAVP web site. If you are unable to print it as a pdf file, then contact the Chair and make other arrangements (Dropbox, etc.) as PowerPoint presentations are often too big to email.

  2. Short Article:

    The title should convey what the paper is about (i.e. the title will be serving as the abstract). The title should be followed by the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s). No abstract is required, and the paper should be kept fairly short (6 pages of text or less). Footnotes (if used) should be indicated by superscript lowercase letters and should immediately follow the text. Sources and references (indicated by consecutive numbers in parentheses embedded in the text) should then follow. Figures and pictures should be embedded into the text in an appropriate location (the sources of the pictures and figures that are not your own should be indicated in either a figure legend or the footnotes). Authors are required to get permission to publish figures from the original source. Save your article as a PDF file and email it to the Chairperson of the History committee with your request that it be published on the AAVP web site.

The copyright will remain with the author for both formats.