Antiparasitic Resistance Update

FDA/CVM recently launched a Web page on antiparasitic resistance and Antiparasitic Resistance Management Strategy, or ARMS. The page (click here) includes a link to an overview of the public meeting that the FDA held in March 2012 on antiparasitic resistance as well as a link to the new online brochure for veterinarians on antiparasitic resistance in cattle and small ruminants.

Hardcopies of the brochure will be available at the AVMA and AAVP conventions in July.

2011-2012 Executive Committee

2011-2012 Executive Committee

Dwight Bowman (President Elect), Karen Snowden (Immediate Past President), Bob Arther (Secretary/Treasurer), Alice Houk (Student Representative), Patrick Meeus (President) and Alan Marchiondo (President Elect and Program Chair)

2011 Annual Meeting Highlights!

The 56th annual meeting of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists was held in conjunction with the Livestock Insect Workers' Conference and the International Symposium on External Parasites of Pets July 16-19, 2011 at the Sheraton Westport Chalet in St. Louis , MO. Over 240 parasitologists entomologists and students were in attendance. Below are two event photos.

Nineteen students were presented young student investigator travel grants.

Dr. Tom Craig, Texas A&M University (left), was presented the AAVP-Merial Distinguished Parasitologist Award by Dr. Andrew Peregrine, chairman of the awards committee.

2010 Awards Presented!

Two Recognition Plaques presented by Dr. Karen Snowden:

Dr. Lora Ballweber (right) receiving her Recognition Plaque.

Dr. Al Marchiondo (right) receiving his Recognition Plaque.

2010 AAVP Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award (sponsored by Merial) – The AAVP Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award recipient for 2010 is Dr. George Condor.

Dr. Doug Carithers (left, Merial, Ltd.) and Dr. Andrew Peregrine (right, Awards Committee) presented the Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologists Award to Dr. George Conder (center)..

2010-2011 Executive Committee

Dr. Alan Marchiondo (newly elected Vice-President), Alice Houk (Student Representative, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine), Dr. Karen Snowden (President), Ashley Linton (Student Representative, Colorado State University), Dr. Patrick Meeus (President-Elect and 2011 Program Chair), Dr. Lora Ballweber (Immediate Past-President), Dr. Bob Arther (Secretary/Treasurer).

2009 Awards Presented!

2009 AAVP Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award (sponsored by Merial) – The AAVP Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award recipient for 2009 is Dr. Ellis C. Greiner.

Dr. Andrew Peregrine (left, Awards Committee) and Dr. Doug Carithers (right, Merial LTD) presented the Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologists Award to Dr. Ellis C. Greiner (center).

2009 AAVP Student Awards Winners:

Dr. Andrew Peregrine (Left, Awards Committee) and the 2009 AAVP Student Award Winners. Back row (left to right): Vijayaraghava Rao, McGill University; Ulla Anderson, University of Copenhagen; Alice Lee, Cornell University; Stephanie Heise, Oklahoma State University; and Mette Larson, University of Copenhagen. Front row (left to right): Kelly Allen, Oklahoma State University; Amy Edwards, Oklahoma State University; and Alessia Guthrie, University of Guelph.

2008 AAVP Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award – Dr. Anne M. Zajac (right) was presented the 2008 AAVP Distinguished Service Award at the 2008 AAVP meeting in New Orleans by Dr. Lora R. Ballweber (left), 2008 AAVP Program Chair and Vice-President. In addition to her numerous contributions to AAVP, Dr. Zajac is the senior author of the 7th edition of Veterinary Clinical Parasitology. Proceeds from the sale of the book fund travel grants for graduate students to attend the annual AAVP meeting.

2008 Mid-Year Meeting

The Executive Board consisting of Dr. David Lindsay, Dr. Lora Ballweber, Dr. Dan Snyder, Dr. Al Marchiondo, Dr. Susan Little (not pictured but by conference call) and the Student Representative, David Goodwin (center), held the AAVP mid-year meeting in Kansas City, MO, on February 1-2, 2008.

Educators Meet In Atlanta

On December 2, 2006, veterinary parasitology educators representing veterinary schools from the US, Canada and the Caribbean met in Atlanta for the purpose of sharing and improving the teaching of parasitology in veterinary curricula.

The meeting, sponsored jointly by the AAVP and the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), brought together 35 individuals (representing 24 colleges of veterinary medicine, one college of veterinary technology, the Gluck, one European veterinary faculty and the boards of AAVP and CAPC) to examine how material was currently presented and ways in which its presentation could be improved. The first session included a short talk from a representative of each of the veterinary schools on "One thing that works well in my teaching is..." This was followed by a presentation on "Education Technology: The Hype and the Reality" by Dr. Amy Bruckman, Associate Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, followed by a discussion of potential implementation in the different curricula. The day was completed with break-out groups examining the prior events, formulation of action plans, and plans for future meetings. The meeting represented the very high passion held by the faculty present for the teaching of parasitology, and our continued commitment to prepare veterinarians and veterinary associated professionals for the future. It is planned that the meeting will be followed by another at this summer's AAVP/AVMA meeting in Washington, DC and at another stand-alone meeting in Atlanta next autumn.