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AAVP Committee Contact Information

Archives Committee:
Tom McTier (tom.mctier@zoetis.com)
Awards Committee:
Lindsay Starkey (las0080@auburn.edu)
Constitution and Bylaws Committee:
Joe Camp (jcamp@purdue.edu)
Education Committee:
Antoinette Marsh (antoinette.marsh@cvm.osu.edu)
Electronic Media Committee:
Meriam Saleh (meriam.saleh@okstate.edu)
Finance Committee:
Andrew Moorhead (amoorhed@uga.edu) Historian/History Committee:
Sue Howell (jscb@uga.edu)
Newsletter/Editorial Board:
Frank Hurtig (frank.hurtig@virbacus.com)
Nominations Committee:
Shelia Mitchell (shmitch2@gmail.com)
Publications, Outreach and Research Committee:
Miguel Suderman (msuderman@cellsystems3d.com)

Volunteer For an AAVP Committee

We urge you to support the AAVP be volunteering for one of our committees. Please read the objectives for the different committees below and seriously consider expressing your interest in joining one of them by submitting the form below. Achieving our mission and keeping the AAVP a vibrant organization depends on it. Final assignment of members to committees will rest with the AAVP President and will be announced in the June news letter to ensure the different groups can have a productive committee meeting at our annual meetings.

  • Outreach, Publications and Research Committee: The Outreach, Publications and Research (OP&R) Committee shall initiate new programs that will promote the Association and its members. It shall recommend these programs to the Executive Committee and develop and maintain relationships with other related societies, producer groups, and industry. The OP&R Committee shall continually evaluate the direction of research in veterinary parasitology and report to the membership on these directions. It shall also develop statements on areas the Association believes research emphasis is needed. The OP&R Committee shall also be responsible for developing, writing, and seeking publication for all scholarly documents and books sponsored by the Association for distribution to the membership. The OP&R Committee will arrange and supervise the independent expert review of such documents by two or more experts external to the OP&R Committee. The person serving in the management role will not be a co- author of the paper. If all members of the OP&R Committee are co-authors, then the Chair of the OP&R committee will assign the management responsibility to a person external to the Committee. Documents submitted by AAVP members without solicitation, for the endorsement or approval of AAVP, will be similarly reviewed. The OP&R Committee will recommend to the AAVP Executive Committee whether the publication or dissemination of a given document that has gone through the full review process shall be endorsed by AAVP. All such publications will be issued only after the approval of the Executive Committee. Specific examples include:
    • Provide speaker list for outside organizations.
    • Ensure AAVP activities are given due publicity through press releases on major AAVP activities (including the annual meeting and the educators symposium).
    • Advertise annual meeting through appropriate channels.
    • Identify upcoming scientific meetings of interest to the membership for newsletter.
  • Education Committee: The Education Committee shall foster interchange between veterinary parasitologists and assist in any way the enhancement of teaching parasitology in general and veterinary parasitology in particular. Specific examples include:
    • Organize the AAVP educators symposium every two years or as appropriate.
    • Liaise with ACVM on veterinary parasitology education.
  • Electronic Media Committee: The Electronic Media (EM) Committee shall be responsible for providing material to update the AAVP social media accounts (e.g. Facebook and Twitter); a member of the EM Committee will be tasked with posting/updating the social media accounts for the organization. Social media posts can consist of interesting news articles, press releases, and AAVP announcements. All posted material should be in accordance with AAVP policies; the moderator will use discretion over postings. In addition, the EM Committee will assist with providing resources and content that can be posted on the AAVP website. For example, the EM Committee will assist the Newsletter Editorial Board Committee in publishing the AAVP Newsletter electronically.
  • Awards Committee: As appropriate, the Awards Committee shall recommend persons for honorary membership, and select individuals to receive the Association’s Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist award and other awards as deemed appropriate by the Association.
  • Constitution/By-Laws Committee: The Constitution/By-Laws Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the Constitution and By-Laws on an annual basis and recommend changes to the Executive Committee.
  • Newsletter/Editorial Board Committee: The Newsletter/Editorial Board Committee shall be responsible for the AAVP Newsletter, which shall be published electronically, by the Publications/Internet Committee, three (3) times a year on the AAVP website.
  • Student Committee: The Student Committee shall help to increase communication and the exchange of information, ideas and fellowship among all student members and the AAVP membership, and work to promote and foster attendance and participation of students at the annual AAVP meeting.

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