Demodexgatoi Desch & Stewart, 1999

A cat in Louisiana, USA, was recently found to harbor a new species of Demodex that was different from Demodex cati and which is different from the species that has not yet been described. The cat from which these mites were recovered was infested with both Demodex cati and the new species, Demodex gatoi. The cat was believed to be suffereing from some form of immunodeficiency, and it had alopecia and scaly, crusty dermatitis of the face, neck, and ears. Demodex gatoi, like the unnamed species reported from the cat, lives on the epidermal surface rather than in hair follicles.


Desch CE, Stewart TB. 1999. Demodex gatoi: new species of hair follicle mite (Acari: Demodecidae) from the domestic cat (Carnivora: Felidae). J Med Ent 36:167-170.


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