Calodium hepaticum

Calodium hepaticum (Bancroft, 1893) Moravec, 1982 (Figures 4-61 through 4-62) Callodiumhepaticum is better known by its synonym Capillariahepatica. This parasite lives within the parenchyma of the liver of rodents. The female worm deposits eggs in the liver where they remain … Continue reading

Pearsonema feliscati

Pearsonema feliscati (Diesing, 1851) Freitas and Mendonça (1960) (Fig. 4-60) ETYMOLOGY: Named for Dr. Pearson and felis-cat for the feline host. SYNONYMS: Moravec (1982) accepted the species Pearsonemafeliscati as being distinct from Pearsonemaplica. After a long discussion of the history … Continue reading

Eucoleus aerophilus

Eucoleus aerophilus (Creplin, 1839) Dujardin, 1845 (FIGURES 4-57 through 4-58) ETYMOLOGY:eu = good + coleus = sheath and aerophilus for lung loving. SYNONYMS: Capillariaaerophila (Creplin, 1839) HISTORY: The worm was found in a fox and name Trichosomaaeophilus by Creplin in … Continue reading