Apophallus muehlingi

Apophallus muehlingi (Jägerskiöld, 1899) Lühe, 1909 This trematode (called Tocotrema muehlingi by Looss, 1899) is usually reported from gulls. It has also been reported once from a infected cat in Europe (Witenberg G. 1929. Studies on the trematode family Heterophyidae. … Continue reading

Apophallus venustus

Apophallus venustus (Ransom, 1921) Cameron, 1936 (Figure 2-15) ETYMOLOGY:Apo (away from) + phallus (phallus) [the genital opening is anterior to the ventral sucker] and venustus (=handsome, comely in appearance) SYNONYMS:Cotylophallus venustus Ransom, 1920; Tocotrema donicum (Skrjabin and Lindtrop, 1919) Witenberg, … Continue reading

Apophallus donicus

Apophallus donicus (Skrjabin and Lindtrop, 1919) Cameron, 1936 (Figure 2-14) ETYMOLOGY:Apo (away from) + phallus (phallus) [the opening of the genital sinus is anterior to the ventral sucker] and donicus for the Don River. SYNONYMS:Rossicotrema donicum Skrjabin and Lindtrop, 1919; … Continue reading


APOPHALLINAE There are three representatives of this subfamily that have been reported from cats. Some might consider the two species Apophallusdonicus and Apophallusvenustus the same species. These two species are not uncommon in cats that eat fish. The other species, … Continue reading