Stictodora sawakinensis

Stictodora sawakinensis Looss, 1899 (Figure 2-29) The genus Stictodora (sticto=punctate; dora=skin) and species sawakinensis (from Sawakin) were described by Looss (1899. Weitere Beiträge sur Kenntniss der Trematoden-Fauna Aegyptens, zugleich Versuch einer natürlichen Gliederung des Genus Distomum Retzius. Zool Jahrb 12:521-784) … Continue reading

Dexiogonimus ciureanus

Dexiogonimusciureanus Witenberg, 1929 (Figure 2-28) This genus differs from Metagonimus in that the testes appear to be symmetrically situated in the posterior of the body rather than diagonally as in Metagonimus. This trematode has been recorded as infecting dogs and … Continue reading