Chiggers Trombiculid Mites

Chiggers Trombiculid Mites (Figure 5-25) Common names: Chiggers, red bugs, harvest mites, itch mites, scrub mites, bichos colorados, bêtes rouges, rouget, herbstmilben, akamushi, tsutsugamushi, kedani, (Wharton and Fuller, 1952), heel-bugs, black soil itch mites, lepte automnale, aoutat, and scrub itch … Continue reading

Demodex sp.

Demodex sp. ETYMOLOGY:Demos = tallow and dex = woodworm; this mite has not been assigned a specific name. SYNONYMS: This mite has been recognized as separate from Demodexcati, but no specific name has been given. HISTORY: Conroy et al. (1982) … Continue reading

Demodex gatoi

Demodexgatoi Desch & Stewart, 1999 A cat in Louisiana, USA, was recently found to harbor a new species of Demodex that was different from Demodex cati and which is different from the species that has not yet been described. The … Continue reading

Demodex cati

Demodex cati Hirst, 1919 (Figures 5-22 and 5-24) ETYMOLOGY:Demos = tallow and dex = woodworm; along with cati for the feline host. SYNONYMS:Demodexfolliculorum var. cati Megnin, 1877. HISTORY: In 1859, Leydig stated that the cat was host to a species … Continue reading