Mammomonogamusmcgaughei Seneviratna, 1954

This species of Mammomogamus was reported from a domestic cat in Sri Lanka (Seneviratna, 1954). A recent survey of cattle in Sri Lanka revealed that 40% of the cattle were infected with Mammomonogamuslaryngeus (Aken et al., 1989). In this single report of infection in the cat the worms were found in the frontal sinuses, nasal sinuses, and pharynx of the domestic cat. The females are 9 to 22 mm long; the males are 3 to 5.5 mm long. The males have spicules ranging from 23.5 µm to 27 µm in length. There is a large buccal capsule. The eggs in the frontal sinuses and feces measured 47-55 µm by 86-94 µm. The eggs were passed in the feces in the six- to twelve-celled stage. Nothing is known about the biology of the worms or clinical signs assoicated witht he infection.


Aken D, Bont J, Fransen J, Vercruysse J. 1989. Mammomonogamuslaryngeus (Railliet, 1899) infections in cattle from Sri Lanka. J Helminthol 63:47-52.

Seneviratna P. 1954. ****** Ceylon Vet J. 2:55-60.

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