AAVP 2020 Annual Meeting

Snowbird Resort
Snowbird, Utah
June 20-23, 2020

April 3, 2020 AAVP 65th
Annual Conference Update

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all continue to adapt and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. While most organizations are cancelling scheduled events for the next two months or so, the best direction for AAVP and our 65th Annual Meeting is not as clear. If we cancel the conference outright, we will be contractually obligated to pay a substantial cancellation fee to Snowbird, which may be financially catastrophic for our association. We continue to discuss options with Snowbird to mitigate this potential financial loss. We will not officially cancel the on-site meeting until we can strike the best possible deal for the AAVP.

That said, we are committed to uphold AAVP’s mission of disseminating research findings and educational advances. To this end, we have initiated contingency plans to hold a virtual meeting June 20–23, 2020 (same dates as the original meeting) should we be forced to cancel the meeting. The details of a virtual meeting are evolving daily. We anticipate having both live streams and prerecorded presentations. As AAVP has done historically, we will compile a comprehensive proceedings book complete with abstracts from all scientific sessions, recognition of award winners, and acknowledgment of AAVP sponsors.

Without an active and engaged membership, AAVP simply does not exist. As we navigate through uncertain times, your participation and support are absolutely critical for the future of AAVP. We are in the process of reworking our budget and identifying the costs of the proposed virtual meeting. We will provide this information and other details of the virtual meeting as soon as possible. The deadline for submission of abstracts will be extended to May 01, 2020.

In the new age of COVID-19, we believe it is important to maintain the high standards we have come to know and expect of AAVP. In this spirit, we will forge ahead and do our part to maintain some level of normalcy. We hope you all embrace, support, and participate in a virtual meeting should this become the plan. It is a new concept for most all of us and we are intrigued at the possibilities.


The AAVP Executive Committee

The 65th Annual Meeting of the AAVP is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best AAVP meetings yet, and in a gorgeous, easy-access location ... the Snowbird Resort, just outside of Salt Lake City.

The Snowbird Resort offers an ideal venue with a meeting room design perfect for our AAVP sessions. A wide variety of options for sleeping accommodations will also be available, with single rooms, suites or condos, sleeping up to 10. All of this and beautiful scenery and summer activities too! Mountain roller coaster, Alpine slide, tram rides, mountain biking, hiking, etc. Make plans to attend!




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