AAVP 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary Meeting of AAVP, a commemorate coin, designed by Dr. Alan A. Marchiondo and sponsored by Bayer Health Care, Animal Health, has been minted.

Coin description:

The two-sided coin measures 1.5 inches in diameter and is made of 1 oz .999 fine silver with a proof-like finish. The coin will be sealed in a 2x3 square plastic case with blue background imprinted with the name BAYER.

American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists is printed around the outside edge on both sides of the coin with the AAVP logo in the middle.

One side states the meeting location and date of the 50th Annual Meeting of AAVP.

On the other side, the three major areas of veterinary parasitology are depicted (clockwise 10, 2, 6) by representative organisms for protozoans (Apicomplexa ultrasturcture), arthropods (adult flea), and helminths (unlarvated Nematodirus egg). Each organism appears on parchment to signify basic research, education and teaching of the biology of parasites of veterinary importance. Finally, an encompassing shield represents the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasites of veterinary importance. The year AAVP was founded (1956) appears on the bottom outer edge.

Coins can be purchased for $30.00 each.

Price: $30.00