Joyeuxiellafuhrmanni (Baer, 1924) Fuhrmann, 1935


Joyeuxiellaechinorhyncoides (Sonsino, 1889) Fuhrmann, 1935

Cats are host to two other species of Joyeuxiella that are found mainly in Africa. Joyeuxiellafuhrmanni has been reported from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the Congo (Baker et al., 1989; Jones, 1983). It has also been reported from cats in Turkey (Burgu et al., 1985) and in Palestine (Witenberg, 1932). Joyeuxiellafuhrmanni tends to be a smaller worm than Joyeuxiellapasqualei having a maximum length of 9 cm , and often being only 2 to 3 cm in length. Joyeuxiellaechinorhyncoides has been reported from cats in the middle East and in India (Gupta, 1970; Jones, 1983). This parasite is in recognized by its long rostellum.


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