Physaloptera pacitae Tubangi, 1925

This species was described (Tubangui, 1925) on the basis of specimens collected from worms encysted in the stomach wall of a cat in Los Baños, Laguna, Luzon, Philippines. It seems that there have been no additional reports of infections of cats with this worm. The male is 19 to 22 mm long, and the female is 23 to 25 mm long. There is no preputial sheath on the tail of the male or female specimens. The spicules of the male are dissimilar with the right spicule being the shorter; right spicule 0.61 mm long, left spicule 0.91 mm long. The vulva of the female is located at the posterior end of the body on the ventral surface. The eggs were thick shelled, 48 m to 50 m long and ovoid with a width of about 30 m. The eggs were not shown to contain larvae, although it is expected that they would when passed in the feces.


Tubangui MA. 1925. Metazoan parasites of Philippine domesticated animals. Philippine J Sci 28:11-37, plates 1-3.