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Cylicospirura advena Clark, 1981

These nematodes were found in a single introduced feral cat in New Zealand. The feral cat was found to have in its stomach wall about six firm-tumor like balls, each about 1 cm in diameter. There was a fissure on the inner wall of each tumor, and nematodes were found to inhabit each tumor. The nematodes were described as a new species “advena” of Cylicospirura where it was understood that the specific name “advena” meaning stranger or foreigner was an allusion to the probability that this worm was most likely of exotic origin.

The adults of these worms were about 5.5 mm long. The buccal capsule contained 6 heavily sclerotized ribs that terminate anteriorly in blunt knobs. Clark (1981) described the en face view of these ribs and uses this character to distinguish the various genera of Cylicospirura. The vulva was posterior to the base of the esophagus. The eggs were embryonated and 34 to 36 m long and 22 to 24 m wide.


Clark WC. 1981. Cylicospiruraadvena n. sp. (Nematoda: Spirocercidae) a stomach parasite from a cat in New Zealand, with observations on related species. Systematic Parasitol 3:185-191.