This genus is distinguished from the genera in birds by the fact that they are found in mammals and that there are longitudinal ribs on the inner walls of the buccal capsule of those found in mammals (Baruš and Tenora, 1972; Lichtenfels, 1974). The genus Mammomonogamus is differentiated from Rondentogamus of palearctic rodents by the fact that the members of the rodent genus have a well developed collar around the oral opening and operculate eggs, neither or which occur in species of Mammomonogamus. In most cases, human infections with Mammomonogamus have been ascribed to Mammomonogamusnasicola (e.g., Mornex et al., 1980) or Mammomonogamuslaryngeus (e.g., Pipitgool et al., 1992 and Timmons et al., 1983). Cases in cats have typically been ascribed to other species such as Mammomonogamusierei which seems to infect cats mainly in the Caribbean. A strange species parasitic in the inner ear was described from cats in China, but there have been no recent reports of this worm. As of now, the life cycle of members of this genus has not been described.

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