Mammomonogamusdispar (Diesing, 1851) Ryzhikov, 1948

Diesing originally described this worm from a Brazilian cougar (Felisconcolor) . Power (1964) reported that he found this worm in the bronchi of 1 of 100 cats necropsied in Maracay, Venezuela. Buckley (1934) felt that Diesing’s original description of 1851 was inadequate, but that his figures of this species in 1857 showed that there were buccal ribs that distinguished it from Mammomonogamusierei. Powers (1964) describes the site of infection as the bronchi. Diesing states that the worms werein the trachea. The finding of the worms in the trachea and bronchi in these two cases is interesting because Mammomonogamus ierei has not been found in this location. The females are 20 to 27 mm long, and the males are 5 to 7 mm long. The vulva is located about one-fourth of the length of the body from the anterior end.


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