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Paragonimus africanus Voelker and Vogel, 1965


Paragonimus uterobilateralis Voelker and Vogel, 1965

These two species of Paragonimus have been described from Africa. Paragonimus africanus was described in the Cameroon from the mongoose, Crossarchus obscurus, and the dog and human beings; cats were experimentally infected. Paragonimus uterobilateralis was described from the swamp mongoose, Atilax paludinosus in Liberia, the dog in the Cameroon, and human beings in Liberia, Cameroon, and Nigeria; cats have not been described as being infected with this species. The eggs of Paragonimus africanus measure 92 by 48 µm while those of Paragonimus uterobilateralis are smaller, i.e., 68 by 41 µm.

Eggs of an unidentified species of Paragonimus were found in a fecal sample from a cat in the Durban area of South Africa (Proctor EM, Gregory MA. 1974. An ultrastructural study of ova of Paragonimus species from human and cat feces. S A Med J 48:1947-1948). The eggs measured 68-76 µm by 44-48 µm. There was no apparent attempt to perform a clinical examination or to treat the cat.