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Paragonimus siamensis Miyazaki and Wykoff, 1965

Paragonimus siamensis has been recovered from cats and fresh-water crabs in Thailand (Miyazaki I, Wykoff DE. On a new lung fluke Paragonimussiamensis n.sp. found in Thailand (Trematoda: Troglotrematidae). Jpn J Parasitol 14:251; Yaemput S, Dekumyoy P, Visiassuk K. 1994. The natural fist intermediate host of Paragonimussiamensis (Miyazaki and Wykoff, 1965) in Thailand. Southeast Asia J trop Med Publ Hlth 25:284-290.). This parasite has also been found in cats in the Philippines (Cabrera BD, Vajrathira S. 1973. Endemicity of Paragonimussiamensis Miyazaki and Wykoff 1965, the second species of lung flukes found in the Republic of the Philippines. J Philip Med Assoc 49:385-398). The metacercarial stage of this trematode is larger than that of Paragonimus heterotremus.