Two other species of Euparadistomum have been reported from cats. Euparadistomum heischi Buckley and Yeh, 1958 was described using specimens collected from the gall bladder of a cat in Kenya (Buckley JJC, Liang-Sheng Y. 1958. On Euparadistomumheischi n.sp. from the liver of a domestic cat on Pate Island, Kenya, and a new sub-family Euparadistominae (Dicrocoelidae). J Helminthol 32:81-88. Euparadistomum buckleyi Singh, 1958 was recovered from a cat in Madras, India (Rajavelu G, Raja EE. 1988. On helminth parasites in domestic cat in Madras. Cheiron 17:11-14.). Five other species of Euparadistomum are parasites of lizards, bats, opossums, birds, and the fox (Talbot N. 1970. On Euparadistomumpearsoni n.sp. (Trematodea: Dicrocoelidae) from the gall bladder of the domestic cat in Papua. J Helminthol 44:89-96.). A sixth species, Euparadistomumcercopithicai is a parasite of the gall bladder of the talapoin monkey in Guinea, Africa (Figure 2-33).

Figure 2-33.Euparadistomumcercopithicai n.sp. from the gall bladder of a talapoin monkey in Africa. Although difficult to discern on the photograph, the large ventral sucker and the lateral vitellaria visible on the left side of the specimen are characteristic of this genus of dicrocoelids.