Metorchis albidus (Braun, 1893) Looss, 1899

(Figure 2-40)


This fluke was described by Braun (1893) from the liver of the house cat. The species was transferred to the genus Metorchis by Looss in 1899 (Weitere Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Trematodenfauna Aegyptens, zugleich Versuch einer natürlichen Gliederung des Genus Distomum Retzius. Zool Jahrb Syst 12:521-784). It has also been reported from foxes, dogs, and grey seals. There have been other reports in cats.

This species has been recovered from a cat in France used for teaching at the college of veterinary medicine in Alfort (Thiery G. 1953. Un parasite méconnu du chat: Metorchis albidus. Rec Med Vet 129:356-358). There was very little pathology associated with the infection of this animal. Histopathology on a cat from around Copenhagen, Denmark, revealed the infection with Metorchisalbidus to have caused progressive icterus and cholangitis (Nielsen JCL, Guidal JA. 1974. Distomatose hos en kat forårsaget af ikten Metorchisalbidus (Braun 1893) Loos 1899 (En kasuistisk meddelelse). Nord Vet Med 26:467-470.).

Figure 2-40.Metorchisalbidus from the liver of a cat in Königsberg, Germany. Note the spatulate shape of the body of this specimen. It is stated that the body of Metorchis conjunctus is more linguiform in shape. In the case of Metorchisalbidus and Metorchisconjunctus, the vitellaria extend anterior to the uterine coils, this does not occur in the case of Metorchisorientalis.