Paropisthorchis caninus Stephens, 1912

Paropisthorchis caninus was described from material collected from a dog in India that was in the museum of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Stephens JWW. 1912. Paropisthorchiscaninus the liver-fluke of the Indian non-descript dog. Ann Trop Med Parasitol 6:117-128). It has been considered by some a synonym of a parasite described as Distoma caninus (Lewis and Cunningham, 1872). However, others have considered it a valid genus. It differs from other opisthorchids in that the ventral sucker and genital opening appear to be pedunculate, i.e., protruding from the body. This parasite was described once from a cat in India that was found dead on the side of a road and which had enlarged bile ducts and fibrosis of the liver (Bhatia BB, Sood SM, Pande BP. 1959. An opisthorchid trematode from the domestic cat (Feliscatusdomesticus) with a report on three other helminths. In Vet J 36:528-531.).