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Trematodes of the Small Intestine


This is by far the largest group of trematodes found in the cat. Trematodes differ from other helminths in that they are often less discriminating in their requirements for a final host. For this reason, cats can harbor a large number of trematodes that they share with other animals that might eat the same intermediate hosts containing the arrested metacercarial stage. For example, if a trematode uses a fish as a second intermediate host, it might grow to adulthood in a cat, a dog, a piscivorous bird, an otter, or a raccoon. Thus, it is sometimes difficult to be certain whether the "true” final host is the cat or some other animal. Also, there are reports of worms being recovered on single or only a few occasions because cats are becoming infected when they accidentally ingest a metacercarial-containing meal meant for another host.


Mesostephanusmilvi Yamaguti, 1939

Prohemistomum vivax (Sonsino, 1893) Azim, 1933


Alariamarcianae (LaRue, 1917) Walton, 1949

Cynodiplostomumazimi (Gohar, 1933) Dubois, 1936

Fibricolaminor Dubois, 1936

Pharyngostomumcordatum (Diesing, 1850) Ciurea, 1922



Echinochasmusperfoliatus (Ratz, 1908) Dietz, 1909

Echinochasmus breviviteilus Fahmy, Khalifa, Sakla, 1981

Echinochasmusliliputanus (Looss, 1896) Odhner, 1911

Episthmiumcaninum (Verma, 1935) Chatterji, 1954

Stephanoproradenticulatoides Isaichikoff, 1925


Artyfechinostomumsufrartyfex (Schrank, 1788) Lühe, 1909

Isthmiophoramelis (Schrank, 1788) Lühe, 1909

Echinoparyphium Dietz, 1909



Apophallus donicus (Skrjabin & Lindtrop, 1919) Cameron, 1936

Apophallusvenustus (Ransom, 1920) Cameron, 1936

Apophallusmuehlingi (Jägerskiöld, 1899) Lühe, 1909


Ascocotyleascolonga (Witenberg, 1929) Travassos, 1930

Ascocotylelongicollis (Kuntz and Chandler, 1956) Soganderes-Bernal and Lumsden, 1963

Ascocotyleminuta Looss, 1899

Ascocotyleangrense Travassos, 1916

Ascocotylelonga Ransom, 1921

Ascocotyle pachycystis Schroeder and Leigh, 1965

Ascocotylearnoldoi (Travassos, 1928) Soganderes-Bernal and Lumsden, 1963


Centrocestuscaninus Leiper, 1913

Pygidiopsisgenata Looss, 1907

Pygidiopsissumma Onji and Nishio, 1916

Pygidiopsoidesspindalis Martin, 1951




Cryptocotylelingua (Creplin, 1825) Fischoeder, 1903

Cryptocotyleconcavum (Creplin, 1825) Lühe, 1899

Cryptocotylequinqueangularis (Skrjabin, 1923)


Euryhelmissquamula (Rudolphi, 1819) Poche, 1926

Euryhelmismonorchis Ameel, 1938

Euryhelmispacifica Senger and Macy, 1952


Galactosomum fregatae Prudhoe, 1949


Haplorchispumilio (Looss, 1896) Looss, 1899

Haplorchisyokogawai (Katsuta, 1932) Chen, 1936

Haplorchistaichui (Nishigori, 1924) Witenberg, 1930

Haplorchissprenti Pearson, 1964

Haplorchisparataichui Pearson, 1964

Procerovumvarium Onji and Nishio, 1916

Procerovumcalderoni (Africa and Garcia, 1935) Price, 1940

Stellantchasmusfalcatus Onji and Nishio, 1916


Heterophyesheterophyes (Siebold, 1852) Stiles and Hassal, 1900

Heterophyesaequalis Looss, 1902

Heterophyopsis continua (Onji & Nishi, 1916) Tubangui & Africa, 1938


Metagonimusyokogawai (Katsurada, 1912) Katsurada, 1912

Metagonimustakahashii Suzuki, 1930

Dexiogonimusciureanus Witenberg, 1929


Stictodorasawakinensis Looss, 1899

Stictodora thapari Witenberg, 1953 MICROPHALLIDAE

Microphalloidesvajrasthirae Waikagul, 1983.


Plagiorchis massino Petrov & Tikhonov, 1927


Nanophyetus salmincola Chapin, 1928