Galactosomum fregatae Prudhoe, 1949

(Figure 2-20)

This trematode parasite (Galacto = milk and somum = body) was originally collected from a magnificent frigate bird (Fregata magnificens) in the West Indies. This parasite was also described from 3 of 110 stray cats examined in Madras, India (Rajavelu G, Raja EE. 1988. On helminth parasites in domestic cat in Madras. Cheiron 17: 11-14). Other species of this genus are found in gulls. Related species develop in marine snails, and the monostomate, very long-tailed cercariae enter and encyst in the brain of mullet, Mugil auratus. Birds, and probably the cat, become infected by the ingestion of infected brackish-water fish.

Figure 2-20.Galactosomum fregatae from the intestine of a pelican in Panama.