Procerovum calderoni (Africa and Garcia, 1935) Price, 1940

This trematode is very similar to Procerovum varium differing by having a larger expulsor and in having only a few large spines on the gonotyle. It was originally described as Monorchotrema calderoni from a dog in the Philippines (Africa CM, Garcia EY. 1935. Two more new heterophyid trematodes from the Philippines. Philipp J Sci 57:443-450.). It was later redescribed as Haplorchis calderoni (Africa CM. 1938. Description of three trematodes of the genus Haplorchis (Heterophyidae), with notes on two other Philippine members of this genus. Philipp J Sci 66:299-307.) from specimens collected from dogs, cat, and a human being. The metacercariae have been found in fish, including the brackish-water genera Hebsetia, Hemirhamphus, Mugil, and others. In 1940, Price transferred the species to the genus Procerovum (Price EW. 1940. A review of the heterophyid trematodes, with special reference to those parasitic in man. Int Cong Microbiol Rep Proc 446-447.).