Dexiogonimusciureanus Witenberg, 1929

(Figure 2-28)

This genus differs from Metagonimus in that the testes appear to be symmetrically situated in the posterior of the body rather than diagonally as in Metagonimus. This trematode has been recorded as infecting dogs and cats in Israel and other parts of the Middle East (Witenberg, 1929 Studies on the trematode family Heterophyidae. Ann Trop Med Parasitol 23:131-239 & 1934. Parasitic worms of dogs and cats in Palestine. Vet Rec 14:232-239.). The natural host appears to be gulls.

Figure 2-28.Dexiogonimus ciureanus collected from a cat in Turkey. In this specimen, you can see the body has the overall shape of the sole of a foot which was part of the original description of this parasite.