Stictodora sawakinensis Looss, 1899

(Figure 2-29)

The genus Stictodora (sticto=punctate; dora=skin) and species sawakinensis (from Sawakin) were described by Looss (1899. Weitere Beiträge sur Kenntniss der Trematoden-Fauna Aegyptens, zugleich Versuch einer natürlichen Gliederung des Genus Distomum Retzius. Zool Jahrb 12:521-784) for specimens collected from gulls. Specimens of Stictodora sawakinensis and Stictodora thaparai Witenberg, 1953 have been described from cats in Egypt and Israel (Kuntz and Chandler, 1956 Studies on Egyptian trematodes with special reference to the Heterophyids of mammals. I. Adult flukes, with descriptions of Phagicolalongicollis n. sp., Cynodiplostomumnamrui n.sp., and a Stephanoprora from cats. J Parasitol. 42:445-459.; Witenberg, G. 1953. Notes on Galactosomum and related genera (Trematode: Heterophyidae) ________:293-300.). Specimens of Stictodora differ from those of Metagonimus in that the ventral sucker is reduced and combined with the genital opening, and is not readily apparent. The testes are also further anteriad in the body of this trematode.

Figure 2-29.Stictodorasawakinensis collected from a gull in Sawakin, Egypt by Dr. Looss.