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Trematodes of the Buccal Cavity





Trematodes of the buccal cavity


Clinostomumfalsatum Ortlepp, 1963

Clinostomumkalappahi Bhalerao, 1947

Clinostomum abdoni Tubangui and Garcia, 1939







Trematodes of the buccal cavity are not uncommon in fish-eating reptiles and birds. They are however rare in mammals, and only three species of a single genus, Clinostomum, have been reported from cats.

The genus Clinostomum (Fig. 2-1) and other Clinostomatids are characterized by the possession of a retractile oral sucker that appears to be surrounded by a collar-like fold of tegument. The ventral sucker is relatively large and anterior to midbody. The testes and ovary are in the posterior of the body. The adults are found in the mouths of reptiles and birds.

Figure 2-1.Clinostomum marginatum. Sample clinostomatid removed from the mouth of a heron.